Our work has had an impact around the world.
Our Work
A quick peek into the type of work we do.
Mandapeta, India
Between 2016 and 2018, LM4M worked with the Member of Legislative Assembly’s office to build libraries for pre-k, primary, and secondary schools in the district of Mandapeta. Overall, almost 1,000 books, 10 laptops, and scores of school supplies were donated to schools across the district.
Cape Town, South Africa
LM4M partnered with Mayor Dan Plato of Cape Town, South Africa, and The Bookery to implement literacy initiatives for institutions in need across Cape Town. In January 2020, LM4M- with the help of our partners- donated 200 books and ten laptops to the Garlandale Primary School in Afflon, Cape Town, South Africa
Roxbury, Massachuetts
In June 2018, LM4M partnered with the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, Northeastern University, and the Bridge to Calculus Program to donate 27 pieces of technological equipment to the school and its associated programs. The final donation consisted of 15 laptops, and 12 desktop computer setups.
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